All grooming includes a basic health check to asses the skin and coat conditions for abrasions or matting followed by a consultation and consent form detailing grooming requirements.

A Full Groom includes

  A brush out prior to bathing

  Bathed in the most suitable natural shampoo

  Anal glands checked and expressed if necessary

  Blow dry, brush out and removal of excess undercoat

  Nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked, and sanitary areas tidied

  Your dog will then be trimmed to the specified style

Bath & Brush

  Bathed in a choice of natural shampoos

  Blow dry, brush out and removal of excess undercoat

Puppy Grooming

  It is VERY important that you introduce your puppy to brushing and the commercial grooming environment
from a very young age. Your puppy will be familiarised with hair driers, clippers, brushes, nail clippers etc. This service also includes a face and bottom trim. The cost of this service is £8


  Hand-stripping is a grooming procedure that removes the dead hair by hand. It is recommended on wire-haired dogs such as Border and Irish Terriers. This is ideal for those wanting to achieve a breed standard characteristic. 

Not all dog’s coats are suitable for hand-stripping. We can discuss this prior to your dog’s groom. It is a much longer process and therefore the grooming fees reflect this.


  Many breeds are prone to matting and require daily brushing as a preventative measure. Please be mindful that a clip down is advised for matted dogs. I operate under the codes of the animal welfare act ( and lengthy de-matting sessions can be very painful and uncomfortable for your pet. We will always seek your consent before clipping down your pet and explain how to avoid this in future. We want to work with you to achieve your ideal pet trim. This may take more than one grooming session.