Prices are approximate and based on dogs with an even temperament and are regularly groomed (most breeds every 6-8 weeks) 

Dematting is charges at £10 per 15 minutes. Please see notes on services page regarding dematting.

If your dog requires handstripping please call to discuss your requirements. Prices start at £50 

Bichon Frise from £46

Border Collie from £48

Border Terrier clipped from £46

Border Terrier hand stripped from £60

Cairn Terrier from £46

Cavalier king Charles from £46

Cavapoo from £48

Cavachon from £48

Cocker Spaniel from £48

Cockerpoo (small) from £46

Cockerpoo (medium) from £50

Cockerpoo (large) from £55+

Daschund Long Hair from £45

Daschund Wire Hair from £45

Daschund (hand stripped) from £55

Fox Terrier from £46

Labrador Retriever from £40+

Lakeland Terrier from £46

Lhasa Apso from £46

Maltese from £46

Norfolk Terrier from £46

Norwich Terrier from £46

Toy Poodle from £48

Miniature Poodle from £48

Miniature Schnauzer from £46

Pug from £35

Scottish Terrier from £48

Schnoodles from £46

Sealyham Terrier from £50

Tibetan Terrier from £46

Welsh Terrier from £46

West Highland Terrier from £46

Yorkshire Terrier from £46

If your breed is not listed please call for a quote.